Keeping in Shape While Writing


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Writers spend hours, days and nights hunched at a computer table, forgetting that much needed break and physical exertion that the body needs to be healthy. The stomach becomes frail, the back bent, the muscles weak and non-existent. These can lead to worse physical condition since the body has to expel toxins through the skin which would only be possible by exercise. So how does a writer stay fit?

1. Choose a regimen that fits your style. Each of us has our own preference as to what we want to do to, especially when it comes to work outs. Some people prefer to run. I walk 20 minutes every day around Fort Bonifacio. That’s because I walk to my morning job which is teaching English in an International School. I also jog around Serendra, Makati park, or a jogging path near my home. I add variety to an otherwise boring regimen by changing the setting once in a while.

One of my writer friends do 20 laps in the pool religiously every Saturday. The key word here is religiously and regimen. When I say that, it means you need to make it a part of your lifestyle, something that is as basic as eating and taking a rest.

2.Have a regular massage to get the circulation going. The touch of expert hands can do wonders to a tired soul. It can revive your inner force and renew your floundering enthusiasm. If done once in a while, it will diversify your fitness program.

3. Dance to the music. There’s zumba,rhumba,salsa,chacha, belly dancing and what have you. The thing here is to move your body at least 15-20 minutes a day.

4. Stand up and stretch your limbs. Did you know that the backbone is one of the most important parts of your body that’s neglected? The backbone needs nutrients as much as the organs of the body. If the backbone is misaligned or crunched, the nutrients cannot get into the backbone.  Stretching exercises can keep it straightened and healthy.

5.Inhaling and exhaling exercises can provide the body with sufficient oxygen to make the blood healthier. Breathing exercises can make you more alert and your brain replete with much needed oxygen.


1. Sit up straight. Exhale.

2. Inhale and, at the same time, relax the belly muscles. Feel as though the belly is filling with air.

3. After filling the belly, keep inhaling. Fill up the middle of your chest. Feel your chest and rib cage expand.

4. Hold the breath in for a moment, then begin to exhale as slowly as possible.

5.  As the air is slowly let out, relax your chest and rib cage. Begin to pull your belly in to force out the remaining breath.

6. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing.

7.  Relax your face and mind.

8.  Let everything go.

9.  Practice about 5 minutes.

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6.The neck is another victim to long hours of typing. It holds a very heavy object which is the head. It should be exercised carefully, making sure that it gets stretched and exercised. The wrist should also be considered.

7.Eating a well balanced diet which is based on fruits and vegetables will likely give you, the writer, a fit and healthy body.

8. Have enough sleep and rest. It will give you the stamina to perform better. Discipline with fun is a good way to start a lifestyle that can last a lifetime.


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