Getting the Inspiration to Write


Get Inspired…Now
If you’re a writer or someone who knows that you can write but has a classic bout of procrastination every time you turn on your laptop, here are some ways you can boost your creativity. There’s nothing better than actually sitting down and writing, you know, using the keyboard, tapping the keys and chaining thoughts on the monitor. Here are doable and practical things that helped me, yes me.
1. Join a writing workshop. In writing workshops, there’s usually a task that you need to finish. It’s a challenge that you can do which can actually rev up your system; write a vignette, a villanelle, a novella, an essay. After I joined a romance class, I was able to push myself to finish a 30,000 word novella. And was able to self publish it to Now it’s on Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Apple(Mac)and other distributors.
2. Challenge yourself to write 500 words a day. Novellas are longer to do but after you’re done with your outline, you can set yourself a few words a day, which is really easier than what you think. You would be amazed at the work you can do after a month of doing this.
3. Challenge yourself to write an essay (for a magazine contest) and send it. It’s easy to fall prey into a writing hibernation after settling down or having a dead end job. The way to start again is find a challenge. Join a contest. When a friend told me about a contest he was joining, I joined too. We won and we became contributors to a national newspaper.
4. Turn off everything that will distract you from your creative endeavors. The TV is a friend that one must turn off. Because with all the things that the TV tells us, it’s easy to get lost into the world’s concerns. Listen to your inner self.
5. Write down everything that you think you can use as soon as possible. The ideas you have may come to you while you were walking, doing a household chore or while browsing a new book. You think you will remember it but you won’t. Write it down.
6. Think positive. Anything you write down may come in handy in the future. That certain phrase, statement or loveable quote might just be the motto of the year, who knows?
7. Find the people who share your thoughts, maybe other writers or artists. Talking about something you like is the best way to express yourself and share with other people.
8. Get back to nature. Do some soul searching in the forest, look up at the sunlight that will shine down on you, feel the bark of a tree and the spirit of life, lie on a field and sink in the vastness of the sky, be part of the universe.
9. The opportunities are endless. The sky is the mark.
10. Now is the time to realize what you have just dreamed about.